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FINRA/SIPC and an SEC registered investment advisor. Holmes Management LLC> and H. Beck, Inc. are unaffiliated

Holmes Management prides itself on having a well defined and acute understanding of the 6 Areas Of  Financial Planning.  Each client interaction can include a full evaluation of the following areas:


Financial Position

  •   Assets vs Liabilities
  •   Cash Flow / Budget Management

Protection Planning

  •    Survivor Income Need Planning
  •    Life Insurance/Disability Policy


  •    Long Term Care , Needs & Evaluation
  •    Liability Protection

Investment Planning

  •    Portfolio Construction /Evaluation
  •    Investment Selection
  •    Professional Investment
  •    Educational  Funding  / Planning

Holmes Management LLC.

Tax Planning

  •    Tax Reduction Strategies
  •    Tax Shelters  / Tax Deferral
  •    Generational 
  •    Tax  Deflection                  
  •    Tax Free Investments

Retirement Planning

  •   Determine Overall Retirement  Need   
  •   Retirement Expense  Projections
  •   Protecting Against The Rising Cost  Of       Living
  •   Managing Retirement Plan          
  •   Distributions
  •   Evaluating Pensions
  •   Lump Sum Payout vs Life Time Income

Estate Planning

  •    Advice on Estate Transference
  •    Trust Evaluation / Trust Strategic                      Planning
  •    Charitable Trust / Giving Strategies
  •    Blended Family Issues
  •    Catastrophic Health Care Strategies